Emergency SOS phone number that all GSM phones can dial: 112

Nowadays, all mobile phone has a feature enabling you to dial an emergency SOS phone number, even without SIM card in the phone, and even when the phone is locked.

Once the number is dialled, the mobile phone will try to connect to any available GSM network operator, and use the service to connect you to the local emergency respond center. The call is free of charge.

Do you know what is that emergency number?

Yes, it is 112 for all GSM mobile phone and is applicable worldwide. This number will connect you to the respond center of emergency services including police, ambulance, fire & rescue.

In Malaysia, this 112 emergency number will automatically redirect to the local emergency number 999. If your mobile phone is a local set, you can also dial 999 as the emergency number as well. However, if you are using AP set, 999 might not work, but 112 will still work.

If you are in Malaysia, remember these 2 numbers for emergency SOS:
  • 112 for all GSM mobile phones
  • 999 for all wired phones